Monday, September 22, 2008

Break on Through...

To the Other Side.

Today, I want to talk about one of Boston’s hidden gems for 2 reasons: The first reason being that this establishment is rapidly becoming one of my favorite hang outs, and the second being that I couldn’t think of anything else to write about.

I’m speaking of course of the Other Side Café on Newbury Street in Boston. Described by many as a café with a drinking problem, the Other Side hosts a fantastic beer selection and won the Best of Boston 2008 award for best vegetarian menu. The food and drink selection are great, but the best part about the Other Side is the atmosphere. It certainly isn’t your typical Boston eatery, especially considering that it is located on Newbury Street.

I would describe the Other Side as “Artsy”. Almost everyone who works there is covered in tattoos (so I fit right in) and the walls are adorned with paintings, illustrations, and photos by local students and artists. The bathroom walls are giant murals that seem to change with the seasons, and the music appears to be from the iPod of whoever is working on that particular day.

I have eaten dinner there countless times, but learned this past weekend that they also have an incredible brunch menu. The name escapes me, but they had one brunch special that consisted of a giant waffle, bacon, coffee syrup, and a beer. They market this wonder as containing all 4 major food groups and I am hard-pressed to disagree.

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Debbie Morgan said...

OMG ! Breakfast and a beer ? My kind of place. I left Boston too soon.